The raw talent of our individual members is strength in and of itself – but that’s not all. These talents and strengths are harnessed and combined in specialized groups, or Teams, each contributing to the betterment of your business. These Teams consist of Sales, Engineering, Service and Estimating.

Most of our new customers first experience ADE through our Inside Sales Team. Inside Sales assesses your individual needs. As we better understand your business, a specialized salesperson and their team are assigned. The Sales Team handles your day to day requirements and is the liaison between you and our various Teams of Excellence.

Our Engineering Team assists and coaches in all phases of design, coordination, and construction. Our Service Team helps with startup and commissioning, troubleshooting, and equipment training.  Our Estimating Team provides “one-stop” competitive pricing for the full range of our equipment on most “Plan & Spec” projects in our markets. We want our suppliers happy, and our clients happier. 

Talent. Specialization. Expertise. Experience. Passion. Unless all of our individual strengths are wholly integrated, then we are never greater than the sum of our parts. Yet, ADE has been the premier Manufacturers Representative in our markets - for decades, and even for generations. That’s not accidental. It’s woven into the fabric of our culture. We are here to serve you.